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Esa has been a full-time artist over 40 years. For many years he and his family lived in Northern Ontario Lake Temiskaming District and later at Lake Simcoe. Presently they live in Port Colborne, where he has a studio gallery that is open by appointment. Over the years Esa has exhibited his art in numerous one-man and group art shows and is still active at art exhibitions. He is an author of books and his designs have been published in many magazines. You can contact Esa for commission work to paint your favourite subject.

Esa’s preferred painting medium is acrylic and his artwork covers a wide spectrum of subjects, from semi abstract city scapes to marine subjects and seascapes. He has  always had a special affinity for the beautiful wilderness lakes and rivers, that is reflected in his landscape sceneries with loons, cardinals and the water falls of Ontario. Click on Gallery 1 and 2 to see his latest art works. Gallery 1 consists of landscape and marine scenery paintings. Gallery 2 consists of modern and semi abstract paintings.
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